Watch a session

In the video above, you can follow a complete Come follow me session in a school situation. The children come from all backgrounds: non-Christian, non-Catholic and Catholic. The school does not have a chapel or a prayerful space, and so the gym is used for the place of meeting with God and the classroom for the space of fraternal life. In the video, you can follow the different stages of the session:

  • prayer to the Holy Spirit (00:05)
  • welcome in the space of fraternal life (00:12)
  • the place of meeting with God (03:50)
  • we recall the previous session (04:44)
  • the session (08:02)
  • we prepare ourselves to hear the Word of God (11:18)
  • the Word is a light for my life today (25:33)
  • celebration and prayer (31:23)
  • practical activity (39:44)

You can see the same session as it is presented in the Catechist’s book below (Catechist’s book for year 2, Remain in my love).

The videos below were filmed during the 2011 St John Bosco conference at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Here the authors of Come follow me (Anne Marie Le Bourhis and Fr Benoit Caulle, accompanied by Fr Pierre de Cointet) presented a session (with adults in the role of children) and offered insights into the fundamental principles of Come follow me.