Wooden Kit


The wooden kit used to display the silhouettes and signs for a ‘Come follow me’ session.

This wooden kit is shipped from France.

This product is available for shipping only to the United Kingdom, to the Republic of Ireland and to the United States. Order directly by writing to vanminh(at)editionsdujubile.com for any other shipping requirement.

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The collapsible wooden kit is used to display the silhouettes and signs. The kit is used for all Come follow me displays in each year group.

The Kit contains:
– a  long vertical stand with 8 insertable sticks and 5 candle holders
– a small table
– 4 wooden blocks to display silhouettes, signs or candles
– 21 sticks of different sizes with their wooden stand, used to display the silhouette
– a round wooden sign in French ‘Dieu’ to display the name of God (catechists will have to make an English sign to display on top of the French word)
The candles, signs and silhouettes are displayed on the kit and fixed with blue tack.

Come follow me Catechesis – Setting up the Kit and Display from Dominican Sisters of St Joseph on Vimeo.

Additional information

Dimensions 80 × 75 × 15 cm