Card Silhouettes for 9 year old children – BLEU


The silhouettes used for each of the 35 sessions of ‘Come, follow me’ book 3 – You have the words of eternal life’, to be cut out and displayed on the wooden Kit.

The few words accompanying the silhouettes are printed in French, but can easily be translated in English, following the models given in the catechist’s ebook.

The silhouettes help the children to take on the spiritual attitudes they silently convey.

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The card silhouettes used for the visual display and specifically designed by Suzy Dumont, a member of Notre Dame de Vie Institute for each of the 35 sessions for the third year, ‘You have the words of eternal life’.

These silhouettes come in a suitcase in which they are ordered in numbered plastic pockets according to the succession of sessions during the year. The silhouettes are to be cut out and kept in their respective pockets. The written signs in French, are to be translated according to the model given in the Catechists’ books for each session.

The silhouettes and signs are fixed on the wooden kit and sticks with blue tack, which needs to be carefully removed after each session, as it can leave greasy marks.

Laminating the silhouettes makes them too light-reflective and stiff for maximum impact on the children.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 65 × 45 × 10 cm